Ivi Casagrande (Strength & Conditioning Coach at Orlando Pride)

For this first podcast episode I talk with Head of Strength & Conditioning for Orlando Pride, Ivi Casagrande. Ivi was the first guest we reached out to for the podcast and she kindly took a leap of faith to be our first guest! 

In this episode with Ivi we’ll discuss 

  • Ivis Background and journey into the industry 
  • What a typical week at Orlando Pride looks like
  • Her approach to training the players
  • Her approach to getting player buy-in
  • Data collection, GPS, video analysis of conditioning drills 
  • Return to play ‘norms’ and acute:chronic workload ratio
  • Implementing cognitive challenges within warm-ups 
  • The benefits of players training barefoot in the gym 
  • Breathing mechanics to encourage players down-regulate. 

It’s an interesting chat with Ivi and I’m grateful to her trust to be our first guest in the podcasts infancy. 

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Andy McDonald 

About the Author
Andy is the Host / Co-Founder of Inform Performance and a dual qualified Physiotherapist / Strength & Conditioning Coach. Andy is based in Philadelphia & works for Total Performance who provide a multi-faceted, elite level diagnostic, rehabilitation and performance service. Delivered by a team of world leading specialists to organisations in the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, the LTA and England Rugby.