Lauren Johnson (NY Yankees Mental Conditioning Coach)

In Episode 13 I chat to Lauren Johnson the NY Yankees Mental Conditioning Coach. In this episode we discuss how Lauren and the New York Yankees organisation approach their players psychological wellbeing, enhance mental preparation and help players transition from rookie to pro or prepare for retirement.

In this episode with Lauren we discuss

  • Laurens Background and route into Mental Conditioning
  • Laurens Role at the Yankees Organisation
  • How does Lauren support the Psychological needs of players at the Yankees
  • Rookies transitioning from high school to pro and meeting the athletes where they are in life.
  • Typical struggles Lauren helps players with:
    • Transitioning through life stages
    • Dealing with Failure
  • The routines and separators that mentally differentiate players.
  • How does Lauren facilitate or influence the younger players to explore their mental preparation rituals – Finding their pain points.
  • How does Lauren support athletes that are mentally healthy and performing
  • How does Lauren and the Yankees ‘monitor’ the players psychological wellbeing
  • Supporting an athlete through injury and physical setbacks
  • Using imagery within the return to play process to stimulate recollection, confidence and belief.
  • Preparing athletes psychologically for retirement
  • What skills do other sports performance and medical professionals need to sharpen up on from the stand point of psychologically supporting athletes.

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Andy McDonald (Host)

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