Matt Jordan (Director of Sports Science at the Canadian Sports Institute, Calgary)

Episode 21: Andy McDonald speaks to Matt Jordan PHD CSCS, Strength Coach & Director of Sports Science at the Canadian Sports Institute, Calgary. Over his career, Matt was the personal strength coach to 30 World and Olympic medalists, and has worked with elite athletes in many sports including speed skating, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, hockey, football, volleyball and mixed martial arts. In this episode with Matt we discuss:
  • His career beginnings with Charles Poliquin and getting into the Canadian Olympic Setup
  • PHD in Medical Science – Developing better methods to rehabilitate and recondition athletes after injuries. 
  • Matts role at the Canadian Sport Institute
  • Research Projects Matt is involved with currently
      • Semitendinosus study – Association between structural deficits post ACL hamstring grafts and hamstring function. 
      • Single Leg and double leg landing abilities in freestyle skiers and snowboarders. 
      • Relationship, Comparing their strength lab data with ACL re-injury. 
  • Managing or accounting for the “blindspots” – the dangerous nature, load and unpredictability in winter sports.
  • How does Matt identify what matters or is important when deciding on performance testing / monitoring batteries. 
  • Navigating “useful” verses “ problematic” limb symmetry/asymmetry
  • Intervening with asymmetry
      • Interventions Interrupting the bodies ability to self-correct
  • Forceplates as a tool to prompt further investigation 
  • Matts usage of dual forceplate systems 
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About the Author
Andy is the Host / Co-Founder of Inform Performance and a dual qualified Physiotherapist / Strength & Conditioning Coach. Andy is based in Philadelphia & works for Total Performance who provide a multi-faceted, elite level diagnostic, rehabilitation and performance service. Delivered by a team of world leading specialists to organisations in the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, the LTA and England Rugby.