Achilles Tendinopathy Panel Discussion (Dr Karin Silbernagel, Mark Young & Dr Matt Tuttle)

Episode 31: Andy McDonald hosts a discussion on achilles tendinopathy between Karin Silbernagel, Mark Young and Matt Tuttle

Dr Dr Karin Grävare-Silbernagel is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware, Newark, USA. At University of Delaware she runs the tendon research lab together with her colleagues from mechanical and biomedical engineering. 

Mark Young is a Senior Physiotherapist at the Geelong Cats who has previously worked at the AIS, EIS, UK Athletics, Nike Athletics and the England & Wales Cricket Board. 

Dr Matt Tuttle has previously been on the podcast in episodes 11 and 24 and is the Lead Sport Scientist and Physical Therapist for NBA team the Denver Nuggets.

In this episode the panel discuss: 

  • Their backgrounds & personal interests in tendons
  • Achilles diagnostic considerations & processes 
  • Acute achilles tendinopathy management
  • Management approach & philosophy 
  • Challenges in their individual athlete settings 
  • Tendon risk mitigation 
  • Elastography & UTC to monitor and Intervene with rehab
  • Imaging 
  • Achilles tendon ruptures 
  • Tendon Resiliency 
  • Managing Tendons In-season
    • Athlete cut points / can the athlete train or play?
    • Managing warm-up and game timing
  • Setting expectations
  • What exercises to use to make a tendon feel better in-season. 
  • Thorough assessment and differentials 

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About the Author
Andy is the Host / Co-Founder of Inform Performance and a dual qualified Physiotherapist / Strength & Conditioning Coach. Andy is based in Philadelphia & works for Total Performance who provide a multi-faceted, elite level diagnostic, rehabilitation and performance service. Delivered by a team of world leading specialists to organisations in the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, the LTA and England Rugby.