Scott Epsley – Bone Stress Injuries & Ultrasonography (Philadelphia 76ers Medical Director)

Episode 38: Andy McDonald chats to Scott Epsley the Philadelphia 76ers Medical Director. Scott is an Australian Physiotherapist who has previously worked for Georgetown University, Medstar Sports Medicine and consulted to numerous sporting organisations including the Washington Wizards, Australian Womens Field Hockey and professional athletes across a wide range of sports including basketball, cycling, indy car, golf, and sprinting. Scott is also an RMSK Certified Musculoskeletal Sonographer with a passion for clinical diagnostics and bone stress injuries.

In this episode Andy & Scott discuss: 

  • Scott’s background & role 
  • Ultrasonography in sports medicine 
  • Bone Injuries with Ultrasonography 
  • Bone Stress Injuries
    • Understanding the bone tissue
    • Symptoms
    • Medical management
    • Phases & remodelling
    • Monitoring
    • Loading & rehab
    • Return-to-play 

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