Day: April 22, 2021

Monitoring hip adduction strength in field based athletes

Groin pain is a common occurrence in multi-directional field sport athletes. According to a 15-year prospective UEFA injury study1, groin pain accounts for approximately 12 – 16% of all time-loss injuries in men’s football (soccer). The complex, anatomical nature of the region makes groin pain challenging to diagnose, manage and rehab, with high recurrence rates of…

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Intrisics, Arches and Achilles Function – Optimising Load Sharing Systems

The athletic motions of running, jumping and landing require the foot and ankle complex to be adaptable to varying surfaces and demands. The complex needs to be compliant to dampen ground reaction forces (GFR), but also become stable as a base and lever arm for propulsion. It is one of the musculoskeletal systems most versatile…

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