Phil Glasgow (Performance Consultant and IRFU Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation)

Episode 77: Ben Ashworth chats to Dr Phil Glasgow the Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the Irish Rugby Football Union having previously held the position of Head of Sports Medicine at the Sports Institute Northern Ireland for 14 years. He was Chief Physiotherapy Officer for Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games where he led the physiotherapy team of the most successful British Olympic Team in history. In this episode Ben and Phil have a pragmatic discussion about performance, decision making, effective learning and more.  

In this episode Ben and Phil discuss:

  • How do we make good decisions
  • Shifting from an injury prevention mindset to a performance mindset 
  • Are we actually communicating effectively? 
  • Optimal tissue loading 
  • Knowing verses doing 
  • Becoming a better learner 

Where you can find Phil:


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