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Inform Performance presents RESEARCH UNPACKED our additional episode style where Alistair McKenzie will interview academic authors to efficiently breakdown their work in a digestible and practical way through short interviews.


Research Unpacked: Dr Mathew Cuthbert – Implementing Microdosing In Physical Preparation

Episode 128: In this Research Unpacked Episode Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Dr. Mathew Cuthbert. Matt is a seasoned sports scientist & researcher who currently works for The Football Association where...

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James Collins – Optimal Nutrition Service Provision (Managing Director of INTRA Performance Group)

Episode 127: Dr Andy McDonald chats to James Collins. James is recognised as a leading Sport & Exercise Nutritionist. In elite sport he has worked with Team GB Olympic teams and athletes...

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Research Unpacked: Dr Stephanie Filbay – Non-Surgical ACL Management with Cross Bracing Protocol

Episode 125: In this Research Unpacked Episode Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Dr Stephanie Filbay. Dr Filbay is a Physiotherapist, NHMRC Emerging Leader Fellow, Dame Kate Campbell Fellow and Senior Research...

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Research Unpacked: Tyler Yearby – Ecological Dynamics

Episode 125: In this Research Unpacked Episode Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Tyler Yearby. Tyler was a former Running Backs and Strength & Conditioning coach at Northeastern State University and...

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How a Tech Layer Under a Players Insole/Foot In Real Environments Can Inform Rehab & Performance (Andrew Gray, Phil Graham-Smith & Daryl Carter)

Episode 124: Dr Andy McDonald chats Andrew Gray, Phil Graham-Smith and Daryl Carter. Todays panel discussion focusses on emerging technology from Sportscientia that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning...

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Claire Robertson – Managing Patellofemoral Pain in Athletes (Consultant Physiotherapist)

Episode 123: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Physiotherapist Claire Robertson. Claire has worked in the NHS, academia and private practice, and currently runs a specialist patellofemoral clinic at Wimbledon Clinics spending an...

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Ciara Burgi – Houston Texans Return-to-Play Philosophy (Return to Performance Lead Houston Texans NFL)

Episode 122: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Physical Therapist Ciara Burgi PT DPT SCS OCS, FAAOMPT CSCS. Ciara is a Duke educated PT who has continued her professional training at Houston Methodist...

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Nick Kane – Hamstring Rehab For Field Sports (Head Physiotherapist at Essendon Football Club & Managing Director of the Sports MAP Network)

Episode 121: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Physiotherapist Nick Kane. Nick is the founder & Managing Director of the Sports MAP Network as well as Head Physiotherapist at Essendon Football Club....

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#Highlight – Putting Evidence-Based-Practise In Perspective with Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone was our guest on episode #7 of the Inform Performance Podcast. Sue is the owner of Structure and Function and since we spoke to her she has...

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Daniel Bodkin – How & Why You Should Use Isokinetic Systems In Rehab (PT, AT & Director of clinical education for CSMi)

Episode 120: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Daniel Bodkin a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer. Daniel is an expert on using Isokinetic systems in rehab for testing and training athletes....

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#Highlight – How to Effectively Educate & Empower Professional Athletes with Mike Reinold

Mike Reinold was our guest on episode #20 of the Inform Performance Podcast. This highlight clip takes an insightful segment from that episode where he discussed  Educating & empowering athletes Managing...

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Max Lankheit- Bridging The Gap Between The Front-Office & Performance Dept (Philadelphia Union MLS Head of Performance and Innovation)

Episode 119: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Max Lankheit the Head of Performance and Innovation at Philadelphia Union MLS team. Max is a highly experienced coach and leader and has...

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Cici Murray – Technical v Physical Qualities in Sprinters (Spellman Performance Coach & More Her Speed Founder)

Episode 118: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Speed Coach Cici Murray. Cici has worked with hundreds of athletes including some of the top NFL, Olympic, and MLB athletes as a speed performance...

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Keir Wenham-Flatt – Protect Your Coaching Income (Founder of Strength Coach Network)

Episode 117: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Keir Wenham-Flatt. Keir is a highly experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach based in the USA, but has worked in 5 different countries at...

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Raphael Brandon – Effective Data Strategy in Elite Sport (Head of Performance Science at BreakAway Data)

Episode 116: Dr Andy McDonald and Ben Ashworth chat to Raph Brandon. Raph has enjoyed an extraordinary career with 12 years at the English Institute of Sport as both Director of Performance...

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