Diagnostic Imaging

Jesse Elis (Director of Health and Performance at the Portland Trail Blazers)

Episode 56: Andy McDonald chats Jesse Elis the Director of Health and Performance at the Portland Trail Blazers NBA team. Jesse is a PT with a background in professional tennis in the WTA and was formerly the Director of Physical Therapy at EXOS. In addi…

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Scott Epsley – Bone Stress Injuries & Ultrasonography (Philadelphia 76ers Medical Director)

Episode 38: Andy McDonald chats to Scott Epsley the Philadelphia 76ers Medical Director. Scott is an Australian Physiotherapist who has previously worked for Georgetown University, Medstar Sports Medicine and consulted to numerous sporting organisations …

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Dr Matt Tuttle (Lead Sport Scientist & Physical Therapist at the Denver Nuggets)

Episode 11: I chat to Dr Matt Tuttle a Physical Therapist working at NBA team the Denver Nuggets as Lead Sport Scientist / Physical Therapist.In this episode Matt explains modern pain science and how he / the Nuggets manage pain in an elite athlete popu…

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