force diagnostics

Dr. Matt Jordan – Force velocity Individualisation & changing post-Injury movement patterns (Director of Sports Science at the Canadian Sports Institute Calgary)

Episode 87: Andy McDonald chats to Matt Jordan the Director of Sports Science at the Canadian Sports Institute Calgary, an S&C Coach, Consultant and Educator. Over his career, Matt was the personal strength coach to 30 World and Olympic medalists, and ha…

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Dr Daniel Coughlan (PGA European Tour – Head of Strength & Conditioning)

Episode 76: Andy McDonald chats to  Dr Daniel Coughlan the Head of Strength & Conditioning for the PGA European Tour and National Lead for Sports Science and Medicine for England Golf. Daniel is an S&C Coach, Physio and Sport Scientist demonstrating his …

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Clive Brewer – Part 2 (Performance Specialist)

Episode 70: Andy McDonald & Ben Ashworth chat to Clive Brewer for a part-2 conversation following the part-1 we recorded for episode 65. Clive is a Performance Specialist in Applied sports science, strength and conditioning and integrated sports medicine…

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