#Highlight – Putting Evidence-Based-Practise In Perspective with Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone was our guest on episode #7 of the Inform Performance Podcast. Sue is the owner of Structure and Function and since we spoke to her she has become the Director of Movement and Return to Performance at the Houston Texans NFL team. This hig…

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Research Unpacked: Dr Andras Hegyi – Region-dependent hamstrings activity in Nordic hamstring exercise & stiff-leg deadlift

Episode 89: For this first Research Unpacked style episode Alistair McKenzie chats to Dr Andras Hegyi a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Nantes, France. For part one Alistair and Andras discussed his work on region-dependent hamstrings activ…

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Tracy Axel (USA Surfing Director of High Performance & Mamba Sports Academy Manager of Sport Performance Research & Analytics)

Episode 34: Andy McDonald chats to Tracy Axel the Director of high performance analytics at USA surfing and manager of sports performance research and analytics at Mamba sports academy. In this episode with Tracy we’ll be discussing her role at USA surfi…

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