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Dan Howells – Coach Development & Career Periodisation (Founder of Collaborate Sports)

Episode 115: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Dan Howells founder of Collaborate Sports. Dan is a high performance coach, with a career spanning over 15 years of work in elite sport, both in the UK and the USA. Dan is a certified Strength & Conditioning coa…

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Dave Hancock – Art v Science of Using Data to Improve Performance (CEO of Apollo)

Episode 114: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Dave Hancock a Physiotherapist (PT), Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Director, Atherapy Clinics Founder and the CEO of Apollo. Dave’s career has taken him to be the Head Physiotherapist of Leeds Uni…

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Research Unpacked: Matthew Buckthorpe PhD – Part 1 – Rate of Force Development

Episode 107: In this Research Unpacked episode Alistair McKenzie chats to Matthew Buckthorpe PhD. Matt is a British Sport Scientist, S&C Coach, University lecturer and Researcher specialising in late-stage and on-field rehabilitation. He completed his Ph…

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