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Jerry Flannery (Harlequins Rugby Lineout & Defence Coach)

Episode 100: Ben Ashworth chats to Jerry Flannery the current Lineout and Defence coach at Harlequins Rugby. Jerry is a former Irish rugby union player who during his playing career enjoyed great success with both Munster and Ireland. As a coach Jerry ha…

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Monitoring hip adduction strength in field based athletes

Groin pain is a common occurrence in multi-directional field sport athletes. According to a 15-year prospective UEFA injury study1, groin pain accounts for approximately 12 – 16% of all time-loss injuries in men’s football (soccer). The complex, anatomical nature of the region makes groin pain challenging to diagnose, manage and rehab, with high recurrence rates of…

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Alex Natera – Isometrics & Eccentrics (Senior Athletic Performance Specialist, GWS Giants Football Club)

Episode 33: Andy McDonald chats to Strength & Conditioning Coach Alex Natera. Alex is based at GWS Giants Football Club in Sydney as Senior Athletic Performance Specialist. Alex has a wealth of experience and has enjoyed previous roles at Aspire Academy …

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