“On any given day, you’re looking at potentially an 18% swing in 1 rep max, so that 1 rep max is always moving”

On episode number 9 I chat to Chris Tombs, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Educator. Chris has just taken on a new role at Seattle Seawolves, but has extensive experience with previous roles at Leicester Tigers, Cardiff Blues, Northamptonshire County Cricket and Cardiff Met University. In this episode Chris provides us with a masterclass in his special interest – Velocity Based Training!

On this episode with Chris we discuss

  • Chris background and career to date
  • Chris’s breaking news announcing he’ll be working in Major League Rugby in America 2020
  • What could strength and conditioning coaches be doing better right now
  • The value of being a coach first and an academic second in industry, the value of getting width in coaching experience
  • How did Chris get into using Velocity Based Training
  • Overview of what VBT is and why it is important 
  • How well are different styles of systems calibrate 
  • How do teams or coaches pick a VBT product or system style
  • How can you use VBT to influence and monitor load management
  • How VBT allows you to time your prescription of load and training stimulus appropriately and optimally.
  • What phase of motion is VBT capturing velocity
  • How has Chris seen VBT used effectively across different organisations
  • Gap in implementation of VBT by Physiotherapists and rehab professionals
  • Chris’s courses on VBT

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Andy McDonald (Host)

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