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Speed & agility for team sports; moments, constraints & affordances – A framework for thinking

Reverse engineering is a key strategy commonly utilised in performance sport. Most versions aim to define physical markers or competition statistics as targets to work towards. But is this truly reverse engineering the problem? While a useful step, and certainly worth undertaking as a means for gaining some clarity, does it go far enough towards addressing the…

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The Power of Personal Skills

I reflect on my time as a coach since finishing formal education, and try to identify what was most relevant within those teachings, to working in coaching and impacting high performance teams. I can link the underpinning physiology, methods of strength and conditioning practice and the analysis of information, all very clearly as technical impact…

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Limb Symmetry vs Symmetry + Performance

  We place a lot of stock in limb symmetry but critically we need to couple this with performance. During a conversation with Mick Hughes (soon to be released as a podcast) we  discussed the significance & need for baseline information during RTP benchmarking. Especially in the context of a potentially de-conditioned uninvolved limb becoming…

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