Mike Reinold (Senior Medical Advisor for the Chicago White Sox & Co-Founder / President of Champion PT)

In episode 20 Andy McDonald speaks to Mike Reinold the co-founder and president of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, a PT and performance training facility just outside Boston. He is also currently the Senior Medical Advisor for the Chicago White Sox and the Director of Baseball Performance at Northeastern University, where he has been instrumental in the restructuring and building of the high performance and medical teams. In this episode we discuss Mike educating & empowering athletes, managing increasing complexity within our roles, athletes taking ownership of their data and more! 

In this episode with Mike we discuss:

  • Mikes professional background
  • The quality of care in a pro-sport setting
  • Qualities and skills Mike has carried forward from pro sport into being a facility owner
  • Focussing on being an expert at small things, not breaching into other professional specialities.
  • Educating and empowering athletes
  • Starting with why
  • How Mike navigates the increasing complexity of our roles and data informed processes.
  • Athletes taking ownership for their own data – The next trend
  • What do sports clinicians need to up-skill on currently
  • Flaws with Insurance based model
  • Restoring, optimising and enhancing health and performance

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Andy McDonald (Host)

About the Author
Andy is the Host / Co-Founder of Inform Performance and a dual qualified Physiotherapist / Strength & Conditioning Coach. Andy is based in Philadelphia & works for Total Performance who provide a multi-faceted, elite level diagnostic, rehabilitation and performance service. Delivered by a team of world leading specialists to organisations in the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, the LTA and England Rugby.