Dr Matt Tuttle (Lead Sport Scientist & Physical Therapist at the Denver Nuggets)

Episode 24: Andy McDonald chats to Dr Matt Tuttle a Physical Therapist working at NBA team the Denver Nuggets as Lead Sport Scientist / Physical Therapist. We spoke to Matt in episode 11 about pain science and the realities of managing pain within an elite athletic population. 

In this second episode with Matt we discuss

  • The relationship between single vs multipart athletes in the NBA and 3 key injuries in professional basketball. 

Lateral ankle sprains 

  • Managing lateral ankle sprains
  • What do they use / do at the Denver Nuggets 

Patella Region Injuries 

  • How much Matt considers n=1 biomechanics
  • How do you understand the internal overloads from biomechanics

Lumber Spine Injuries 

  • NSLBP 
  • Strength & Conditioning / Testing the lumber-spine
  • Benchmarking lumber spine performance standards 


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