Nigel Walker OBE – Managing Change (Performance Director of Welsh Rugby Union)

Episode 96: Ben Ashworth chats to Nigel Walker OBE The Performance Director of the Welsh Rugby Union. Nigel is a former international athlete and rugby union player who has represented Great Britain as a high hurdler before switching to rugby, earning 17 international caps for Wales. Nigel is the first guest we have spoken to that has be awarded an OBE which for him was an honour he received in 2019. On top of a successful athletic career and an OBE he has enjoyed professional roles at the English institute of Sport and the BBC prior to his current role in Rugby. In this episode Ben and Nigel predominantly discuss managing change as an overarching topic. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Nigel’s background 
  • Fundamentals of change 
  • Identifying strategies for different environments 
  • Managing reluctancy to change

Where you can find Nigel:


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