Nick Kane – Hamstring Rehab For Field Sports (Head Physiotherapist at Essendon Football Club & Managing Director of the Sports MAP Network)

Episode 121: Dr Andy McDonald chats to Physiotherapist Nick Kane. Nick is the founder & Managing Director of the Sports MAP Network as well as Head Physiotherapist at Essendon Football Club. He is a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist having completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy from La Trobe University. He completed is undergraduate Physiotherapy degree at Notre Dame University in Fremantle. Nick excels in working with sporting injuries and rehabilitation with a particular interest in troublesome hip & groin pain, recurrent hamstring injuries, tendon pain & post surgical rehab.

Topics Discussed 

  • Physical demands of AFL
  • Structure of performance teams in AFL
  • Key steps planning a hamstring muscle injury rehab
  • Progressing return-to-running with hamstring injuries 
  • How to monitor hamstrings post injury
  • How to problem solve tough cases as a Physio

Where you can find Nick:


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