Research Unpacked: Tyler Yearby – Ecological Dynamics

Episode 125: In this Research Unpacked Episode Dr Dylan Carmody chats to Tyler Yearby. Tyler was a former Running Backs and Strength & Conditioning coach at Northeastern State University and former Strength & Conditioning coach in American football at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Tyler is currently pursuing his doctorate in sport and exercise at the University of Gloucestershire (UK), exploring the perceived impact on the professional work of sports coaches and practitioners after interacting with online coaching education underpinned by an ecological dynamics rationale, with a particular focus on the theory-practice link and understanding the strengths and limitations they perceive in their craft after applying the ideas in practice.

Topics Discussed

  • What is Ecological Dynamics
  • Are you coach-centred or learning-centred
  • How to use shared language with athletes
  • Creating a technical drill based on movement SWOT analysis.

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