Dr Matt Tuttle (Lead Sport Scientist & Physical Therapist at the Denver Nuggets)

In Episode 11 I chat to Dr Matt Tuttle a Physical Therapist working at NBA team the Denver Nuggets as Lead Sport Scientist / Physical Therapist.

In this episode Matt explains modern pain science and how he / the Nuggets manage pain in an elite athlete population. Matt pragmatically shares the current evidence on this topic combined with his clinical experience and the reality of managing pain in a professional sport environment.

In the episode, in order we discuss:

  • Matts background
  • Role at Denver Nuggets as lead sport scientist and PT
  • Amongst all the information that’s collected within PT and Sport Science, how does Matt funnel that information down to critical information for the other staff and coaching personnel.
  • What is the 80% bang for your buck information that matters
  • What inspired Matts interest in Pain Science
  • The current thinking and understanding of pain science
  • The biomechanical model for pain – Why are clinicians not evolving beyond this model.
  • How do you approach pain management with Athletes in season
  • Early Specialisation – Transitioning into the league and risk of injury
  • How does pain management differ in the Nuggets or in pro sport – as compared to a conventional physiotherapy clinic.
  • Making decisions, judgements and using intuition amongst objective clinical data.
  • What tools does Matt favour at the Nuggets for getting pain under control
  • Can we prevent injures verses reducing the risk of a potential injury occurring via ‘Good conditioning’
  • When to diagnostically image or not in elite sport

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Andy McDonald (Host)

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