Alex Wolf – Adaptation Led Programming (Performance Consultant, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Co-Founder of Wayfaring)

Episode 32: Andy McDonald chats to Alex Wolf the co-founder of Wayfaring. Alex is a Performance Consultant, Strength & Conditioning Coach and also an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the high performance. He has a wealth of experience of preparing athletes, staff and teams successfully for Olympic Games. He has previously been Head of Learning, head of strength of S&C and the technical lead at the English Institute of Sport, as well as lead S&C coach for GB rowing amongst other sporting roles. Alex in this episode shares wealth of technical knowledge and thinking on the topic of adaptation led programming. 

In this episode Andy and Alex Wolf discuss: 

  • Alex’s professional background
  • Adaptation Led Programming 
  • Origin of work and questions 
  • Why do we strength train?
  • Function as product of outcome not method
  • Clarity and explicit objectives
  • Simple solutions to clear objectives
  • Structural, local & global coordination adaptation
  • Periodisation & adaptation led programming
  • Clarity in language and terminology 
  • Wayfaring – leading teams 

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About the Author
Andy is the Host / Co-Founder of Inform Performance and a dual qualified Physiotherapist / Strength & Conditioning Coach. Andy is based in Philadelphia & works for Total Performance who provide a multi-faceted, elite level diagnostic, rehabilitation and performance service. Delivered by a team of world leading specialists to organisations in the NBA, NFL, English Premier League, the LTA and England Rugby.